Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What do you call that foal?

Well is that just sweet.
What do you call that foal.
a zedonk?
how about a zebrass?
no matter what you call it
I call it cute.
Ride something like that and I am sure everybody will turn there heads to get a second look.


Hati said...

aww that is cute

but i thought they were extinct? i remember watching a program and they were trying to bring back a horse/donkey/zebra thing back ... looked a lot like this but white?

still adorable x

imatrailrider said...

You can breed a zebra to a Donkey or horse. Its just not that easy to find a zebra stallion to breed with but they are around.
There breeding fee is very high.
I have a pic of a Zebra/paint somewhere and will post it when I find it.