Tuesday, November 11, 2008

CL post

Here is a Craigslist Post

kid friendly mini horse to good home - $1 (excelsior springs, mo)
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sale-915444246@craigslist.org [?]Date: 2008-11-11, 7:43PM CST
I have a registered AMHR minature stallion that enjoys attention. He is 34 inches tall, chocolate in color with a flaxen mane and tale. When most people hear the word stallion they freak out, despite what most people think about stallions he is very gentle, so gentle you can lead him by his mane and he will follow right along. I have a five year old brother that could go out and play with him with no problem. He has no vices, stands to get his feet trimmed, doesn't bite, etc. I am selling him because I just graduated from high school and I dont have the time to spend with him anymore. I feel guilty watching him just sit out in the pasture everyday. I am asking $350, I paid $450 for him but will consider any offers

You fell guilty for you mini is out in a pasture all day???????
I am sure the mini does not mind a bit. Lot of grass to eat, no work, he can do whatever he wants.
LOL people you crack me up.
I am sure the mini is depressed for he has no purpose in life. Poor little guy.
FYI a chocolate with flaxen mane and tail is a called a silver and yes most stallion are sweet as they come not all but a lot. he is most likely that sweet for he is out in the pasture and not looked away from the world.

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